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Let’s kick up every mean with OEJ’s exclusive array of products. They are everything you need! All right here!


Our Boss BBQ Sauce is made with brown sugar molasses that gives a thick, richness that your friends and family will crave. Whether you grill with it, or put it on a pulled pork sandwich or ribs, the taste is incredible!

Our Boss BBQ Sauce is made with Texas attitude. When you try it, you will see what we mean. Go ahead, get One Eyed with our Boss BBQ Sauce.

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One Eyed Joe Epic Salsa is a delight with its roasted, smoked red bell pepper and jalapeno flavor blended with fresh tomatillos, cilantro and onions. It is a smoky taste with just the right amount of heat for those tortilla chips or huevos.

Our salsa has a great taste that will make you think you are in Texas. We've put the kick back into condiments!

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One Eyed Joe Caliente Salsa’s first bite is the exhilarating, breath taking taste of its habanero pepper base along with that of jalapenos, fresh tomato and cilantro blend. Its aftertaste is a whirlwind of pleasure.

Get the zesty heat you crave with our signature Caliente Salsa!

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Choose from Joe’s famous olives hand-packed with jalapenos, blue cheese or fresh garlic for a fantastic burst of flavor that may enhance your cocktails, make for perfect nibbles and kick up any plate. Perfect for gifts! * Call 214 - 228 2133 *

Flavors: Blue Cheese, Garlic Stuffed, Jalapeno Stuffed

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OEJ’s Texas Heritage was the inspiration to utilize real, fresh ingredients. OEJ’s products are packaged with in-season vegetables by our Texas co packer by crafting each product to the highest flavorful standard! You get true culinary art with our excellent products where the tastes are incredible!

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