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Made with Texan heat and classic ingredients, you won't find more flavorful items on the market! Cultivated by local Texan, Joe River, he's proud to offer a signature line of culinary products that are sure to kick things up a notch or two for your next meal. Using the freshest ingredients paired to perfection, the result is savory flavors packed with a punch!

Being a food lover, Joe knows the importance of good flavors. That's why his salsas and sauces are second to none! Try Boss BBQ sauce to enhance your meats in every fashion! Go for our mild salsa for everyday use or heat things up with Joe's signature Caliente salsa. And don't forget about the prized gourmet olives!

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"I am a HUGE fan of all of their products!! Their salsas are great on their own or combined to make your own customized dips!! The salsas don’t last long in my household!!"

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We love talking ingredients. That’s because we truly pride ourselves on delivering great tasting products with super clean ingredient labels.
Our products are packaged by a Texas co-packer using in-season vegetables.

All products are:

No High Fructose Syrup

Soy Free

Free of Artificial Preservatives

One Eyed Joe Epic Salsa is all about taking your foods from ordinary to extraordinary with flavorful notes that echo the history of Texan roots. Our salsas go further than adding heat to your tortilla chips or huevos. Freshen up a side salad with a kick or add a generous portion to your morning omelet! The range is without end. Pack a punch for your next grilling session by lathering your meat and veggies with Boss BBQ sauce! With One Eyed Joe Brands you have everything you need to complete your meal to perfection!

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